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Be The Change 2011

This is the first year VCSA partners with New Moon Foundation to grant 5 scholarships, $1000 each to those Len Duong camper alumni who want to implement what they learn from the camp to serve the local communities.  Please join VCSA to congratulate the following 5 winners of the 2011 Be The change – New Moon Foundation Scholarship.

Tho Pham, VCSA Toronto chapter, with the “First Step” camp for youth project to be delivered in Toronto, Canada. This camp is to provide high school students something to look forward to at the end of the summer. It offers an opportunity to make new friends, share experiences and learn more about themselves.  Not only will there be workshops to learn new skills and obtain knowledge from talented individuals but exciting, adventurous games and activities that will take the stress of everyday life away for the four days at camp. By the end of the camp, the campers will be instilled a sense of camaraderie and belonging, a feeling of achievement and satisfaction and a yearning of wanting to learn more and come back the following year as a camper or staff. Tho said “We want to build leaders and enthusiasts who will become role models for their younger brothers and sisters, young adults who are full of passion, wanting to help others and participate in community events in any capacity.”

Quynh Anh NguyenVCSA Dallas Fortworth chapter, with the “Len Duong Pendulum Minicamp” project to converting potential Energy to Actual Energy - One day to be inspired, one day to be recharged, one day to be empowered! She was planning to have 3 events after each to build more momentum for camp Len Duong 2012: Career Day – College presentation – Coffee Night – Mini camp Len Duong. The mini camp Len Duong will be held in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area in the Feb-March time frame to promote for camp Len Duong 2012 in Minnesota.

Cindy Dinh, VCSA Houston, with the “Voter’s Registration and Voter’s Education Outreach in the Vietnamese communities in Houston” – the main purpose of the project is to increase Vietnamese American participation in the upcoming election in 2012 and to ensure to remove all language barriers throughout the election process by providing bi-lingual translation whenever needed.

Jenny Le, Harvard University, Vietnamese Student Association, with the “Vietnamese parents and students educational" 
workshop organized for the Vietnamese community in Dorchester, MA area.  The main objectives for this project are as following:
Educating Vietnamese parents and students about the value of a college education and how to apply to college: admissions process, financial aid, essays, recommendations, etc.; Encouraging students to challenge themselves in school and give back to their community when applying for IVSA’s Dreams Scholarship; Helping parents guide their children in making better school related decisions by bridging the language barrier and improving the understanding between parents and children about this topic of Career planning.

Phong Le, VCSA Houston, with the “Teen Safety Driving Project