Vietnamese Culture and Science Association 

Youth Leaders Scholarship

VCSA is pleased to offer scholarships to encourage outstanding youth leaders across the North America to share your ideas in volunteerism and to financially assist you so that you may attend this year’s Len Duong Camp. 

Please provide the required information through the online application.


Eligibility Criteria 

      Must complete the Online Application. (Link below)

      Must plan to attend Len Duong Camp 2018 and be present to accept the award. 

      Must be currently active in a Vietnamese community organization, Vietnamese Students Association, or local community organization.

The Information about the scholarship is available here soon


 Complete and submit the Online Application. (Link above) 

For more information, please contact
Vietnamese Culture & Science Association
13080 Bellaire Blvd Suite G
Houston, TX 77072

Tel: (281) 933-8118


*Applicants are welcome to enter in both the Scholarship Contest and Essay Contest, however, can only win one. If an applicant is selected as the winner of both the scholarship and the essay contest, they will receive the prize for the one of higher monetary value (scholarship contest) and their submission to the essay contest will be withdrawn. VCSA’s intention is to provide financial support to as many campers as possible to participate in Len Duong.