Camp 2016

Tôi Là Người Việt Nam
Appreciate - Aspire - Achieve

Camp Master: Michelle Tran


    In the past 18 years, Len Duong camp held in different cities hosted by different chapters of VCSA in the United States and Canada. 2016 was a special year because Len Duong camp was held for the very first time in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, hosted by the newest VCSA Chapter: VCSA - Vancouver. 
    Speaker, authors, leaders, and campers from all different walks of life came to Len Duong camp and helped created a wonderful lifetime memory. Looking back, Len Duong camp has achieved success with its goal of training more than 4,500 young community activists to be more involved in the local communities and more than 300 young leaders from the local community organizations in North America. 
    Campers were inspired to become leaders, and they created wonderful impacts in several different local cities across the United States and Canada. Their stories have been the testimonial of the success of Len Duong camp in the past eighteen years. 

                                            (We love LD camp)                                                                     (Gate was being raised) 

(Pho Night) 

                                            (Morning Yoga)                                                                    (Jumping for joy... or fun)

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Campers Time! 

Thank you to all the Volunteer Staffs of Len Duong 2016!

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