1.   What is the purpose of the Len Duong Camp?     
The purpose of Len Duong camp is to create an environment where community activists can exchange ideas, learn leadership and team building skills, be encouraged to continue community involvement, and to learn Vietnamese culture and history.   
2.   Who are the campers?
The targeted campers are between 18 to 35 years old including college students, community activists, and professionals from across the U.S and Canada and other countries. The camp is also for those who are committed to developing leadership skills and interested in meeting other young, active Vietnamese North Americans over four days in a camp setting for best-practices sharing and networking should consider Len Duong Camp. 
3.   When did the first Len Duong camp take place?
The first Len Duong camp was established in 1998 in Fort Worth, Texas. 
4.  Please explain the meaning of Len Duong.
Len Duong, which is "Embark", means embarking on a journey or starting a new adventure. By attending Len Duong camp, you will participate in a journey in which you will learn to develop your leadership ability and your cultural heritage. 
5.   Who are the Len Duong organizers?     
Len Duong camp was established by the Vietnamese Culture and Science Association (VCSA).  Len Duong is supported every year by many other organizations and businesses.
6.  Is Len Duong camp affiliated with the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network (Mang Luoi Tuoi Tre Len Duong) ?
No, Len Duong Camp is NOT affiliated nor associated with the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network.  Len Duong Camp was established one year before the Len Duong International Vietnamese Youth Network was established.  
7.  What is the agenda for those four days ?
The Len Duong camp program includes many activities such as workshops and forums focused on leadership skills development, team building, and Vietnamese culture and history. The program also provides opportunities for campers to exchange and share ideas on how to improve community and to get people involved.  There will be fun games, team challenges and many outdoor activities to accentuate the importance of teamwork as well as the uniqueness of Vietnamese cultural heritage and history.  There will also be a "powwow" bonfire on Saturday night for a youth forum discussion and on Sunday night to entertain and showcase each others’ talent.
8.  I am 17 years old but I am very active in the community.  Can I be given an exception to attend camp Len Duong ?
As stated in question 2 above, Camp Len Duong is for campers who are 18 years old or older.  Please wait until you turn 18 to be eligible for this camp.
9.  Which languages will be used at camp Len Duong ?
English and Vietnamese will be used at camp Len Duong.  Most of our programs will be bilingual.
10.  How do I register for camp Len Duong ?
On left hand side of this page, click on Registration and follow the instructions.  After completing the online registration form, you will receive an email within minutes acknowledging that the registration has been received.  After a couple of days, if your registration is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with a waiver form attached.  You will need to sign the Waiver form and mail it along with your registration payment.  Once the VCSA receives your payment, your record will be updated on the VCSA database and you are all set.
11.  What if I have problems with the online registration ?
If, after having completed the online registration and having clicked the submit button, you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the VCSA registration team at registration@vcsa.org and ask for help.  We will respond to you ASAP.
12.  Who should I call if I have any questions ?
See contact us on the left hand side.
13.  Does camp Len Duong offer religious services on the Sunday morning of the camp?
Yes, camp Len Duong always provides religious services for Catholics and Buddhists early Sunday morning.