The Vietnamese Culture & Science Association cordially invite Vietnamese-North American youths 18 years or older to the 21st Annual Youth Leadership Development Camp, Len Duong 2018.  Embark on this short, but unforgettable journey this summer during the weekend of May 25 – May 28, 2018. If you currently are, or aspire to be, a community activist or leader then Camp Len Duong is for you.  Join over 200 students and young professionals in this amazing experience.

Interested attendees are highly encouraged to register early. Space is limited and Camp Len Duong has consistently received more registrations than available space.

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“I have been trying to describe what the Len Duong experience was like and have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to describe it fully with words.  It has been said that during the year if you have not laughed from the bottom of your belly or cried from you heart, then you have not lived that year.  I think at Len Duong…many of us have more than enough to live for many years to come as our hearts and minds were opened and lifted.”  --- Luu Duc Cuong, Toronto, Canada

“Never have I found a weekend as fun, as stimulating, or as rewarding as the weekend I spent at Camp Len Duong…I had many doubts about coming…because my Vietnamese isn't fluent, my opinions are often considered radical by my more conservative Vietnamese friends…But when the time came to say goodbye to my fellow campers, I resisted the idea of leaving.”   --- Katherine Vu, Houston

"…The experience was truly inexplicable…I managed only to exclaim, "Awesome!" Awesome is an understatement…I had expected Len Duong…to be just another summer camp, where friends are made and games played in an effort to "de-stress" from the everyday hectic environment. But was I wrong! Len Duong…was a learning experience, beyond all my expectations…"  -- Tom Nguyen, Houston

“Len Duong camp…was the best present I have ever [gave] myself…there wasn't a dull moment…” (Lan Anh Le, Orlando, Florida)

“Len Duong truly is more than just any camp; it is one with a heart. What I discovered at Len Duong I cannot simply describe in words, for it is a feeling you have to experience to understand…” (Ann Vo, Toronto, Canada)

“I will always treasure 4 days at Camp Len Duong.  It was probably one gift among the best gifts I received in my life.  Camp Len Duong gave me the opportunity to become a much better leader, the opportunity to interact and observe other leaders.” (Chu Ngoc Lan Anh, Ottawa, Canada)

“… At Len Duong Camp…I learned many things which benefited both my professional and my personal life. Not only did it allow me to have a chance to meet other Vietnamese youth with such energy and vibrancy, but it also inspired me to be a positive…” (Pham Oanh, Oklahoma)

“… I was overwhelmed by all the love that I was surrounded by...because in their eyes, I was a brother, a Vietnamese opened my heart and touched my soul. My Len Duong experience helped me find out who I am...I loved every moment of it. I cried on the plane ride back to New York.” (Pham Minh Bao, New York)



Youth Leadership Development Camp – 21st Anniversary Celebration

Time and Date: 6:00 pm May 28 - 2:00 pm May 28, 2018
Location:    Forest Glen Camp, Huntsville, Texas, USA

For complete information about Camp Len Duong 2018, including pictures from previous years, special speakers, directions, fee schedule, available scholarships and contests, and online registration, please visit VCSA’s website at or

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Len Duong 2018 camp is sponsored by:

CenterPoint Energy

New Moon Foundation

Rock Revival

Shell Oil Company

Texas Instruments

Thoi Bao Inc.


Len Duong 2013 is hosted by VCSA with the following partnered organizations

Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics ( );

and Vietnamese Association of Toronto (